Document Templates

Document Templates allow you to have CentreCRM create documents for you based on a template you provide.

Document Templates work by offering predefined Merge Fields, which will be automatically replaced with details from your Company, Clients, Contacts and Jobs.

Both default and Custom Fields are available in Document Templates.

There are currently two limitations to take into account when dealing with Document Templates:

  1. Document Templates must be in .docx format
  2. Document Templates must be created offline and uploaded to CentreCRM
To find Document Templates:
  1. Navigate to the Settings tab and click on Document Templates under the Templates section.

Creating Document Templates

Creating or editing Document Templates must be done using a tool that is capable of generating .docx files, like Microsoft Office or LibreOffice Writer. These files can then be uploaded to CentreCRM as Document Templates.

Uploading Document Templates

  1. Drag and drop files you wish to upload into the box that says Drop Files Here, or click on it to open a file select box

Downloading Document Templates

  1. Click the filename for the Document Template you wish to download

Changing Document Template Names

  1. Click Edit on the Document Template you wish to change the name of
  2. Type in the new name
  3. Click Save

Deleting Document Templates

  1. Click Delete on the Document Template you wish to delete
  2. Click OK on the confirmation box that appears

Merge Fields

Document Templates can use Merge Fields.

In order to use Merge Fields in Document Templates, it is necessary to type the Merge Field name in the place you wish the information to appear.

If you need to see what Merge Fields are available, you can use the Merge Fields available for Templates select box to show a list of available Merge Fields.

For example, to insert your company name into a document:
  1. Select Company from the select box under Merge Fields available for Templates to see a list of available Company Merge Fields
  2. In your document, type [] in the place you wish the name to appear