Create A Mail Merge From Multiple Clients

CentreCRM makes it easy to send the same Mail Template to multiple Clients at once. For example, if you need to send a mail to all Limited Companies.

Note that the following things are necessary to complete the Mail Merge:

  • There must be a Mail Template available
  • Each Client must have at least one Contact available for Mail Merge

Mail Merge Multiple Clients

Once you have a list of Clients you wish to send mail to displayed in the Cilents view (for example, you could filter by Limited Company Client Type), you need to select the Clients.

To do this:
  • Check the checkbox next to each Client, or:
  • Check the checkbox in the table header to select everything shown
Once you have selected the Clients you wish to send mail to:
  1. Click Fill template
  2. Fill out the Mail Merge as required
  3. Click Send Emails