Company Settings & Logo

Under the company settings you can set up your company title, legal address, trading address and upload your own logo. These can later be used in Mail or Document Templates.

  • Company title: The name of your company
  • Legal address: The legal address of your company
  • Trading address: The trading address of your company
  • Logo: Upload your logo (see below)
  • Approve Outgoing Mails: If selected, then you will need to approve all outgoing emails before they are actually sent. This can be done from the main Mail tab
  • BCC Email Address: This option will automatically BCC all outgoing emails from your CentreCRM account to the specified email address. If left empty, then no BCC emails will be sent.
  • Send weekly jobs summary email: If enabled, the system will automatically send a summary email with all outstanding and upcoming jobs to the company owner's email address

Uploading A Logo

  1. Click the Select file... button
  2. Select your logo image
  3. Click Save