Tasks are the individual steps that make up a Job and allow you to track its progress through Milestones.

Tasks are separated into Milestones. Milestones allows you and your team to track the state of a Job and see on what stage each Job is from the Job list view.

Tasks are also able to send emails automatically.

Adding Tasks

Tasks can be automatically created via a Job Template, or they can be created manually directly on the Job.

To manually add a new task:
  1. Click Add Task on the Milestone you wish to add it to
  2. Enter the details of the Task
  3. Click Save
Note that if the Job was created from a Job Template, any Tasks added to the Job will be specific to that Job, and not transfer back to the Job Template.

Also note that Job Templates cannot be used on pre-existing Jobs. If you wish to add the Tasks from a Job Template onto an existing Job, you will need to add them manually, or recreate the Job from the Job Template.

Editing Tasks

  1. Click Edit on the Task you wish to edit
  2. Edit the Task as required
  3. Click Save

Deleting Tasks

  1. Click the name of the Task you wish to delete
  2. Click Delete
  3. Click OK on the confirmation box that appears

Completing Tasks

When a Task is done, it is necessary to mark it as complete so that Milestone progress can be tracked.

To complete a Task:
  1. Click Complete on the Task you wish to mark as completed
If you make a mistake or change your mind, you can click Undo to mark the Task as incomplete again.

Changing Milestone And Task Order

  1. Click Reorder underneath the sidebar where you can see the Job deadline.
  2. Drag and Drop Milestones and Tasks until you are satisfied with their new order
  3. Click Save Order

Time Spent On Tasks

  1. Move your mouse over the Task row
  2. Click on the pencil icon button
  3. Fill in how much time you spent or expect to spend
  4. Click the tick icon button
An overview of time spent on tasks can be seen via the Time Tracking Report.