Custom Client Fields

As well as the default fields available when setting up a Client, you can create your own Custom Fields. These allow you to store custom information for Clients.

Each Custom Field can be made available to all Client Types, or to just the ones that you select.

CentreCRM provides some common field types by default.

To find Custom Client Fields:
  1. Navigate to the Settings tab and click on Custom Client Fields under the Custom Fields section

Adding Fields

  1. Click Add Custom Field
  2. Select the type of field from the sidebar
  3. Enter the information
  4. Select types for the field to apply to (if you select none it will be available to all)
  5. Click Save

Editing Fields

  1. Click Edit on the field you wish to edit
  2. Adjust information and types as desired
  3. Click Save
Note that it is not possible to change the type of a field once it is created. If you wish to change a field's type, you must delete the old one and create it again with the new type.

Deleting Fields

  1. Click Delete on the field you wish to delete
  2. Click OK on the confirmation box that appears

Custom Field Types

For a list of the Custom Field Types, please see the Custom Fields help topic.