Automating your online accounting practice

Published on 05 October 2014 by Jonathan Behr

We've spoken to a lot of small and medium accounting practices over the past few weeks to find out what their biggest pain points are. One item that keeps coming up is the ability to automate as much work as possible. Whether that's creating recurring jobs, tracking job costing or just knowing which jobs are next in the priority list.

We firmly agree that anything that can be automated, should be automated. This helps to free up your time so that you can focus on client service and growing your practice.

Being able to automatically send emails to clients is a significant time sink for many practices. For example, you may need to send off your standard contract to a prospective client when a job reaches a certain status, or you may want to send out a request for draft financials. These features are now available in CentreCRM - just set up the task once and let the system handle all the communication for you.

Automatic Task Triggers

You can set up a new task trigger in a job template or directly in a job. You can specify which mail template to use, as well as how many times the trigger should be executed and how often.

This is a very powerful feature, and can be used to automate many aspects of your business to save you loads of time.

Even More Email Tags

We've added more email tags to Mail Templates, making it super easy to merge in fields from contacts, clients, jobs and your own company. Remember that you can now send Mail Templates directly from your jobs too.

Improved Email Editor

We've tweaked the Email Template editor so that its now easier and more intuitive to use. PDF printing is also much improved.