Job Assignees and Permissions

Published on 14 November 2016 by Jon

We're happy to announce that we've added two new features to CentreCRM, both of which pertain to Jobs.

The first improvement is that you can now assign each job to one or more specific staff members. This means that each person will be able to easily see which jobs they are responsible for. Managers can also filter by each assignee to get an updated job progress report for each staff member.

To assign a job to a member:

  1. Create a new job or edit an existing job
  2. Select one or more users from the Assign to field
  3. Click Save

You can also create default assignees for jobs in your Job Templates, which will be set automatically when you create a job from that template.

The second improvement relates to the job permissions system - there are now two specific permissions:

  • Allow users to only view their own jobs.
  • Allow users to view all jobs.

An example where this may be useful is to allow managers access to all jobs, but an outside contractor only gets access to their own specific jobs.